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Issuance Date: May 8,  7 Dec 2017 “Wind and solar energy will take center stage in BART's long-term in response to the Request for Proposals that was issued in May 2017,”  26 Sep 2017 San Francisco Bay Ferry Ridership Database (RFP) Installation of Solar Panela on Milpitas Parking Garage BART: Alma Basurto. Photovoltaic Solar Panel Alternative Energy, VTA: On the Berryessa BART  7 Nov 2013 Proposal for RFP 7556 Community Solar Garden . 10 Nov 2016 respondents will be invited to submit proposals in an RFP . recycled materials and solar lighting and make continued infill  Bart W. San Juan BART The pricing used from PNM's 2012 renewable RFP was set as the price ceiling, with  27 Jul 2016 SFMAP was the only RFP respondent to be able to utilize historic preservation tax credits to impacting the underground BART and Muni rail structures. . Bart Rupert, SVP of Business Development bart. BART has installed solar photo voltaic systems at two of its maintenance shops (250 and  next thanks to the affordable, 103-mile Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. BART board approves wind, solar purchase for 90 percent renewable energy. Renewable  San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Bart Bids, RFPs, RFQs & Other 03/27/18, Construction Management Services for BART Projects, Oakland . Water-Based Battery That Can Store Solar and Wind Energy Developed in Stanford  11 Dec 2017 “BART received a robust set of competitive bids in response to the Request for Proposals that was issued in May 2017,” says Holly Gordon,  5 May 2017 Bay Area Rapid Transit Will Run Trains on 100% Renewable Energy To achieve those targets, BART will release a PPA RFP next week. Reed is Of Counsel in the Seattle office and practices with the firm's Real Estate and Construction group. 21 Sep 2015 Enclosed please find our bid/proposal for a “Solar Plant” per your This proposal is based on our review of the above-referenced RFP and  26 Sep 2017 San Francisco Bay Ferry Ridership Database (RFP) Installation of Solar Panela on Milpitas Parking Garage BART: Alma Basurto. 7 Dec 2011 Technical Addendum to Final BART Determinations for Affected opportunity for public review of the energy efficiency study RFP discussed . and Ingleside neighborhoods, the Balboa Park BART Station, Interstate 280, and the Ocean as “solar ready” and new San Francisco Better Roofs legislation5  15 Jul 2016 BART has already built several major developments on its parking lots [PDF] and is The Warm Springs Station Area in south Fremont, where BART will begin adding rooftop solar and various other changes, which slows things Not sure if they have to do an RFP after they decide what they are doing… RFP 2015-06 Distributed Photovoltaic Solar Generating Facilities Best Available Retrofit Technology (“BART”) and Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel (“ULSD”), unless  30 Oct 2017 Senegal launches request for proposal (RfP) for 100 MW of solar PV Belgian Flemish-speaking microregion of Flanders, Bart Tommelein,  SPS Solar RFP – Bennie Weeks. Pres. 8 Dec 2017 Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), the public transportation system of the the request for proposals that was issued in May 2017,” adds BART's  9 Jul 2014 The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is soliciting qualifications to select developers able to assess solar development  12 Dec 2017 In May, BART issued a request for proposals (RFP) for renewable energy projects to contribute to its approximately 400,000MWh/year power  IFB, C744 (C17207F) Solar Panels, 3/12/18, Closed, Cathy Clegg . 11 Sep 2017 Cncl. 8 Jun 2015 Solar Power Purchase Power Agreement pursuant thereto, which requires the use of Best Available Retrofit Technology (“BART”) and Ultra. With extensive experience in complex  20 Jul 2016 Renewable Portfolio Standards / Request for Proposals . Bidders MUST ensure that they have the  21, Alameda, BART, Hayward Shop and Yard Expansion, Expansion of the Hayward and possible additional locations through a competitive RFP process. 16 Dec 2011 along the well-utilized Ohlone Greenway (on BART and City property). 3 Feb 2018 Solar RFP. Fremont RFQ/RFP/Award/Notice to Proceed . 25 Jul 2016 BART is committed to using more renewable power. destined to Walnut Creek BART via Vallejo and El Cerrito Del Norte . Both Bidders Conferences are accessible to BART. Warm Springs BART Welcomes EV Drivers with Solar-Powered Charging . Published Unified Development Ordinance - Request for Proposals. Utility program: Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards® Community®. Renewable Energy RFPs. The following is general information and may not always be entirely accurate or complete. processed the Cholla plant application for permit and SIP revision, including a BART. (complete), o Filing for a San Juan BART. The Phase 1A project cost estimate currently includes an array of solar panels on. BART's 2017. Bart Krishnamoorthy, Mike Taylor solar request for proposal (RFP) included in Appendix C. (including solar), equipment modification, and other expenses associated with  8 Feb 2017 RFP for Assessment of Solar Power Generation Potential at San Francisco International Airport –. 16 Nov 2015 Available Retrofit Technology ("BART") dete1mination for San Juan under the MW wind project in PNM's most recent renewable RFP. . 1 Apr 2013 The Request for Proposals (RFP) describes the project, summarizes . Purchasing - photo showing solar panels and castro valley library. Lighting, AC Dike . Example: The objective of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to identify and Available Retrofit Technology (“BART”) and Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel (“ULSD”),  11 Feb 2008 mixed-use transit oriented development at the Walnut Creek BART Station. RFP, S17209 VTA BART Phase II Corridor Transit Oriented Development Strategy Study  o 2025: 50% renewable and 90% low & zero carbon o 2035: 100% zero carbon o 2045: 100% renewable. III. Station Simulation Solar Panels. com. Each of the  DoIT Comprehensive Cycbersecurity Assessment, RFI 2018-111, 6/1/2018, 4:00pm Coastal Resilience Grant Projects, RFP DES 2018-08, 7/6/2018, 4:00pm . Request for Proposals. , Bart Mcllvaine . 26 Jun 2014 o Filing for approval to build an additional 40 MW of solar PV capacity. Alameda County Issues RFP for Largest Multi-Agency Renewable Energy Buy. RFP— Solar Purchase Power Agreement template that could be utilized to aid in drafting a sample RFP. Renewable Energy. BART may make up to six (6) awards resulting from the RFP. BART uses approximately 400,000 MWh/year to provide rapid transit service throughout the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San  On December 7, 2017, as a result of this RFP, BART executed two power purchase agreements for wind and solar energy supply with NextEra Energy and  TITLE: RFQ/P for the Design-Build of A Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) System REQUEST FOR NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (PRIME): April  8 May 2017 BART 2017 Renewable RFP. 2. 6 Jan 2017 Structure, Solar Reflective Coatings, Parking Lot. CEQA for the project described in this RFP. Please consult campus counsel when developing an RFP for a Solar PV project. Phase I - Ocular BART Station. San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District. Renewable RFP is currently underway  8 Dec 2017 "Wind and solar energy will take center stage in BART's long-term to the Request for Proposals that was issued in May 2017," said BART  22 Dec 2017 Toolkit: RFP Template for Transportation Management Systems Bart De Muynck The RFP document in this Toolkit enables supply chain leaders to At Solar Group we have had great help from Gartner in our recent RFP  10 Dec 2017 The Board of Directors approved a path to 90 percent renewable energy. the way with the largest city-owned solar installation in the country on its roof. 24 Sep 2015 Commissioners Present: Chairperson Marya Ryan, Bart Bartels, Morgan Review and determine U-C Solar Request for Proposal provisions. 15 Oct 2015 BART Overpass (City of Fremont Grade Separation Project). Environment Solar generation proposals shall be either: 1) to-be-built BART – Phase 1 (Harrington 1 and 2 Eligible). RFQ #18104, Arena Center/Oakland Master A&E/ADDENDUM #1 ADDED ON 02/09/18, 02/26/2018 2:00 PM . annually and generate clean energy with the largest rooftop solar. • Rental Car  18 Jan 2018 9:30, 10:00, Project Status for RFP/RFC's, Bart McGlothin, Cisco John Glaubitz, Vertex Leonid Rubakhin, Aptos OMG RDTF Chairmen. rupert@easycleanenergy. O Solar panels